We know that one of the most important pieces of information that  you will want to know is Stage Size and Capacity. Then all the important questions about Technichal Spec, Backstage storage etc come after. See our key info about our spaces below then click above to find out all the juicy info!


Greenside @ Royal Terrace


Jade Studio - 60 Capacity - Stage size: 7mx6.5m

Height of Studio - 3.75m (lowest)


Greenside @ Nicolson Square


Lime Studio - 50 Capacity - Stage Size: 7m x4.5m

Height of Studio - 4.2m (lowest)

Emerald Theatre - 90 Capacity - Stage Size: 8mx7m

Height of Theatre - 3.8m (lowest)


Greenside @ Infirmary Street


Forest Theatre - 70 Capacity - Stage Size 6m x 7m,

Height of Theatre 4.5m (Lowest)

Mint Studio - 40 Capacity - Stage Size 4m x 4m

Height of Studio - 4m (lowest)

Olive Studio - 40 Capacity - Stage Size 7m x 3m

Height of Studio - 3.5m (lowest)

Ivy Studio - 44 Capacity - Stage size 6m x 3m

Height of Studio - 3.8m (lowest)




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