This is where it all started for Greenside, and where our ethos and service was created.


Royal Terrace is special. It is a hidden gem   – it’s...'one of the most charming venues at the Fringe...' so Lyn Gardener said and we like to think it is too.


With it's fantastic black box studio  Royal Terrace is the perfect place for new and existing Fringe goers alike, BIG stage, ample back stage storage, beautiful gardens and a great courtyard bar thrown in for good measure!


We know you want to see Plans and Spec's.. click away until your hearts content;


Jade Studio Floor Plan                  


Before you do anything else download your new best friend... The Greenside Performer Pack packed with FAQ's, information on our spaces and pretty pictures!


Pictures of Jade Studio can be found here


Pictures not enough?! Check out our video tour!